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Re: Do you have Paypal/any other payment processor?

Re: Do you have Paypal/any other payment processor?



To:Join It Operator from Join It

Thu, 4 Jul at 17:27




I have had to resubmit the Business Model to suit the market conditions and legalities to Stripe as attached: Fundraising Due Diligence Questionnaire Support.docx.


Apart from that I am repricing my 209 eBooks to sell; after British Library uploads them as attached: ToBritishLibrary (Have you finished uploading from Internet Archive)4Jul2024.docx


Hope for the best.




On Monday, 1 July 2024 at 07:29:11 BST, Join It Operator from Join It <> wrote:


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(a) Fundraising Due Diligence Questionnaire Stripe4Jul2024.docx 15.4kB

(b) ToBritishLibrary(Have you finished uploading from Internet Archive)4Jul2024.docx 13.9



Fundraising Due Diligence Questionnaire

Why do we need a due diligence questionnaire for Fundraising users?

In highly regulated industries, Stripe will need to collect user information (outside of onboarding requirements) so that Stripe can appropriately manage the risks associated with such industries and ensure compliance with relevant regulations, banking partner requirements, and card network rules.

What do we do with the information we receive?

Risk and Legal teams within Stripe will review responses to validate that they comply with Stripe’s user supportability requirements. In some cases, review teams may require clarifications or additional documentation and will follow up with additional questions.

Business Summary

Please confirm what best describes your fundraising activity

We are a political party raising funds on our own behalf.

Licensing and Regulation

Please provide a link to your online registration or a copy of the relevant documentation to demonstrate your status as a registered charity in all areas of operation

Please provide a link to your online registration:  


Please describe your charitable activity or your business model: where do you maintain operations? (In what countries do you maintain operations)


We have developed our political party in the United Kingdom as part of the philosophy of Conservative Libertarianism, which has a unique constitution and is preparing to stand candidates in local and general elections within the United Kingdom. The Business Model having a manifesto funded by The Conservative Libertarian Publications Limited that raises funds by selling its 209 published books and is registered with Companies House paying taxes to His Majesty Customs and Revenue. After obtaining 10 members the Party (TCLP-UK) will register with the Electoral Commission of the United Kingdom. We are very active in politics which has international relations in the United States of America although there are no current officials in that country


How do you raise funds? (Who do you target for donations and what countries are they are based in)

Membership of Vishista Advaita Sampradaya (TCLS/TCLP-UK) and selling books through marketing techniques:


How do you distribute funds/donations? (Who are your beneficiaries and what countries are they based in)

We will fund political campaigns in the United Kingdom to begin with the members that we are able to register with the TCLP-UK. We do not donate funds. Our beneficiaries will be the people of the United Kingdom whom we will serve as government once we are elected. The beneficiaries are solely based in the United Kingdom.


Please list each country from which you collect funds and serve (or plan to serve) and the approximate proportion of your revenue generated in and donated to each country. Please indicate if you have plans to expand to additional countries ad when such expansion might occur.


So far we have not had any money that I have been able to collect, but we are hopeful that once our JOIN It Membership Account is up and running after the change

  we will get memberships. The target audience will be the residents and citizens of the United Kingdom only. We do not have any plans to expand into other countries.


Do you attest that you do not accept funds from, provide support to, or otherwise permit any transactions involving prohibited countries (e.g., Iran, Syria, Cuba, North Korea, and / or the Crimea, Donetsk, Luhansk regions) or persons subject to sanctions?

Terms of Service


Yes I attest.

    Stripe will not be used in the course of any transaction to support illicit activity or activity included on Stripes Restricted Business List

    All information provided in this application is accurate and complete. I understand that Stripe has the right to intervene in case there are reasonable doubts about the completeness or accuracy of the information provided


16.25 pm 4 July 2024 submitted



Have you finished uploading: The Conservative Libertarian Publications Limited.


from:    Shantanu Panigrahi <>

to:          LDO-Electronic <>

date:     4 Jul 2024, 16:39

subject:               Have you finished uploading: The Conservative Libertarian Publications Limited.

mailed-by:         gmail.comTo


Mr Robinson/Mr Shuttleworth



Dear British Library


Have you finished with uploading the 209 eBooks from the link above?


Yours sincerely


Dr Shantanu Panigrahi

3 Hoath Lane



Kent ME8 0SL

United Kingdom

Tel: 07967789619

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