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Hello Shantanu Thank you for your email. There seems to be so much going on for you at the moment and I can see what an articulate person you are and how well you are documenting things. Unfortunately we cannot view attachments. We are here to talk to you about your feelings. Of everything you have shared with us, it might be helpful to focus on one thing. What is worrying you the most? We are here to listen to you while you are coping with so much. Jo -------------------------------------------------------

Fri, 13 Jan at 12:03

Shantanu Panigrahi

Hello Jo Since you wish to me to focus on one thing as to what worries me at this moment in time, for as you already know the next moment things are different, such is the nature of Reality, it worries me that I would remain a misunderstood person trying to destabilise the boat of not just the United Kingdom, but of the whole of humanity worldwide from the work that I have been engaged in not just in the past 25 years since I lost my scientific work but even prior to that. I would always like to be remember

Fri, 13 Jan at 14:00


Sat, 14 Jan at 12:03

Hello Shantanu

It seems that you have been struggling for many years with the aftermath of leaving the University of Greenwich and the loss of prestige which followed their decision. But you say you had a strong feeling that God had engineered this crisis to move you on to higher things, is that still how you feel today?

In previous emails you have told us about the help you have sought through psychotherapy and psychiatry, are you still hoping to find a therapist who could help and understand you?

The Hearing on 20th January is so important for you, I hope you will have a resolution after so many years of anxiety and stress, it is a pity your daughter isn't able to attend with you, how do you feel about attending on your own?

The next few days may be an anxious time for you while you prepare for the Hearing, do keep in touch if this contact is helping to keep you calm

Take care



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