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RE: Notice of intended legal proceedings against you. Do not ignore

RE: Notice of intended legal proceedings against you. Do not ignore.3




Shantanu Panigrahi <>


Central London DJSKEL County Court


Mon, 9 Jan at 11:14


The Circuit Judge

Central London County Court

Your Honour

The VOPA trolls are having a field day as the date 20 January 2023 10.00 Hearing of my Application draws nearer, and as you will note, bonafide Law Firms are part of the State-organised victimisation, terrorism, persecution and defrauding of my financial dues under Claim E5YM660.

I telephoned the Long Catlis Road Surgery to book a face to face appointment with a Doctor and not a nurse to respond to Britton House's letter seeking clarification of my current needs for secondary care, but was told that no face to face appointment with the Doctor was available today. The receptionist booked me in for a telephone appointment around 11.00 am but no such phone call has yet come.

Your Honour, I have been having a very difficult time with being unable to cope with life and have been suicidal this past weekend with worries, depression, anxieties and have waited for a psychotherapist to assist me with my mental state of mind. But these experts have made my confusion even worse over the past two weeks of consultations and I have been very delusional and paranoid about their intentions for me thinking that the State has manipulated them not to cooperate with me and in fact terrorise me with duplicitous counselling. I have felt suicidal because this was combined with trolling on me from some people monitoring and surveilling my life that I suspected for long as being State-organised by the Security Services to get me into legal difficulties. On top of that my Carer (my wife) is no longer able to care for me and I have to do a lot of the work in and around the house that she used to for 20 years.

As I was driving to take my daughter to work, instead of replying to my email and WhatsApp text to Jill Jesson that I asked for, she tried to telephone me twice in rapid succession and I could not answer the Phone. But being a open-minded person I returned the call at 10.00 am on WhatsApp. She did not answer. But soon afterwards she telephoned me and a short conversation followed about the email that I had sent her at around 7.00 am this morning requesting a Zoom link or a refund of £205 that I had paid her for remaining 5 Sessions of Counselling. The conversation ended with her saying that the Zoom link will come shortly but it has not come. So I do not know if the Session scheduled for Wednesday 11 January 2023 at 12.30 pm is still on.

So psychotherapists are not the answer to mental ailments and I need to be back on Secondary Care to speak to a Consultant Psychiatrist in Britton House that has been held back from me for 2 years so that he or she can write to the Court to let Your Honour know why I am not in a fit mental state to attend any Court Hearings and the imminent one is the Court Hearing of 20 January 2023.

Yours sincerely

Dr Shantanu Panigrahi

3 Hoath Lane



Kent ME8 0SL

Tel 07967789619

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From: Dominic Smith <>

To: <>; <>

Cc: Clare Hudson <>

Sent: Monday, 9 January 2023 at 09:59:32 GMT

Subject: RE: Notice of intended legal proceedings against you. Do not ignore.

Dear Shantanu,

Further to my previous email, we cannot act for you.

Kind regards,

Dominic Smith

Director, Chartered Legal Executive

01626 359800

This is an email from PATTERSON LAW (

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-----Original Message-----

From: Nomen Nescio <> On Behalf Of Shantanu Panigrahi

Sent: 07 January 2023 20:53

To: Stephanie Steele <>;;;;

Subject: Notice of intended legal proceedings against you. Do not ignore.

Notice of intended Legal Proceedings in the High Court of Justice AGAINST YOU

The abysmal and lackadaisical attitude of these so-called mental health counsellors like you is intolerable. They are buccaneering fraudsters nonchalantly deceiving righteous Hindu bhaktis and sadhus like me, with a malicious intent.

Jill Jesson claims to provide a holistic alternative medicine service but upon my investigation as mahatma-parmatman it became evident to me that these were more by the way of a hole-istic service, providing her arse and gaand for my danda under the guise of "physiotherapy" and intimate stress- relieving massage. However at her age this is a disgusting prospect. If I wanted a prostitute, I would have asked for one. My lawyers Patterson Law who I include in this email already Solicit an adequate service via their sexretaries.

Simon Taylor, the Supine Therapist, has no medical or psychiatric qualifications but recklessly or maliciously endangered my life by telling me on the basis of his telephonic enquiries only that I did not have paranoid schizophrenia because in his worthless opinion such would have manifested itself when I was a young boy of five. Knowing the extent of state manipulation, I covertly recorded our conversations, and this practising of medicine without qualifications or license is an offence which I will be documenting all over the internet and in my blogs, motorcycling forums and my 98 episododes of The Allurement Of Reality, available from all good book stores. Of course, his diagnosis is complete nonsense, but indirectly encouraging me to discontinue my medication without having the courage to openly state this, he has admitted liability which will test the extent of his indemnity insurances. Trying to wriggle out of it with his caveats will not impress the judge in the civil proceedings, and I will alert Dr Scott, Dr Mirza and other eminent Harley Street Quacks about the dangers of association with this idiot.

Worst of all was Frances Evans, operating as Mrs Bin. She offers confidential counselling services but this behnchod kutia then vindictive leaks the confidential and privileged client information to the Morons in a Police State. Legal action against her on multiple grounds has already commenced and she should be served with the paerwork any day. I will shortly be leaving a very Negative review exposing her as a scam-artiste on the Bark site, to warn any prospective customers from having any dealing with this Wicked Green Witch. I intend also to take her into protective custardy, because of her silly threats against the sanest and most genius person who ever lived, as well as a Master Escapologist who has put his head into the mouth of the British Lion and come out victorious every time. I am officially declared immune from any legal consequences so the bitch Frances can complain as much as she wants.

Now if you three want me to put my proceedings, incorporated into Case

J00ME572 at Medway Court on hold, you must make me a suitably generous cash offer in lieu of court judgement at the latest by 4 pm on Monday January 9 2023. The next day I am boycotting the Speed Awareness Test because co-operation with the State on this will jeopardise my £ 4,412,000 claim against it. I cannot wait longer than Monday for your offers which you should copy to Patterson Law because my former advisers Vyman Solicitors have proven very shabby in the matter of my Cluster Bombing, as did the co-conspirator Dr O Inneh at Swale Community Mental Health Team, and I need to have ready funds when I decide which one from Stephanie Steele, Cally Trays and Karen Parsons I select for my in-depth consummations.

I hope everything is now understood sufficiently and you will not underestimate how much amends you need to offer, before I bankrupt you in the High Court under E35YM660 which is a certainty if you do not act.

Purnavatar Dr Shantanu Panigrahi

3 Hoath Lane



Kent ME8 0SL

Tel: 07967789619

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