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Shantanu Panigrahi <>


Force Control Kent Police, Enquiries Kent Police

Fri, 28 Oct at 19:47


Kent Police

With regards to the linked matter that I brought to your notice on my receipt of the email:

Shantanu nailed to the mast, cross, rack3 (

Shantanu nailed to the mast, cross, rack3

Shantanu nailed to the mast, cross, rack3 Yahoo / Sent VOPA Thought you might like to see this, Shan, since you ...

I have sent the Attorney General's Office about 5 emails enquiring on the progress of the Attorney General's investigation in order that I could cooperate and comply with his/her judgment but have not received back a single acknowledgement just autoacknowledgments.

I have also enquired with the Central London County Court and Medway County Court: as linked here: CLAIMS JOOME572 & E35YM660 (


CLAIMS JOOME572 & E35YM6603 Yahoo / Sent Shantanu Panigrahi <> To: Enquiries Medway C...

These Courts have also not replied to the enquiries made on the progress of Claim E35YM660 and J00ME572 respectively.

So it would appear that there are no proceedings at the Attorney General's Office nor at the Court's concerned, and the email that I have at No 1 link above was a scam, from a troll to be regarded as criminal anonymous email from a person whose email address would not receive my response so that he was persecuting me by pretending that legal action was being contemplated by the above bodies against me.

Would you knidly confirm this assessment for me so that I can see if it is possible for me to put a closure behind this Hate Crime saga with Kent Police now returning our desk-top computer, my Mobile Phone, the Amazon Fire and the USB Memory stick that were seized from us on 24 November 2021 when I was arrested and held in North Kent Police Station on the suspicion of having harassed Katrina Sale and subsequently bp as well as staff of BLM law, all of which I have denied vehemently. If on the other hand your investigations on alleged offences by me are still progressing on any or all of these matters, I am ready to attend a Magistrates Court to clear my good name immediately.

Yours sincerely

Dr Shantanu Panigrahi

3 Hoath Lane



Kent ME8 0SL

T: 07967789619

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