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Running Commentary: 1 May 10.04 pm

I took out an injuction against Kent Police to stop it from investigating me for offences unknown as I did not receive a Crime Reference Number and Summary of Offence which were vaguely said to be Harassment and Stalking:

Download PDF • 443KB

Even if the injunction fails Kent Police cannot charge me for treason or sedition because I have reinforced the status quo that I am Stateless today. And so Monday and Tuesday nothing is likely to happen from Medway County Court. Just now Sebastian of Wordpress sent me an email to my gmail account about his book 'the man in yellow' I rapidly deleted it even from my Bin folder. I emailed Kent and Medway Partnership Trust and the National Health Service to see If I would be denied medical treatment. If there is no reply I will barge in with my wife on Britton House on Wednesday 4 May 2022 at 09.45 am for the appointment that my wife Rashmi has fixed with Single Point of Access with someone. Samaritans did not teply eiother and same with the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman. So this email that I have printed out is the key to what will happen on Wednesday because it cites the International Criminal Court. I have no proceedings there that I know of. The idea is therefore to trap Kent Police into inaction on the Katrina Sale and other offences it might be considering that the State would mount on me. Kent Police still have our desktop computerm USB Memory Stick, Amazon note pad and my Mobile Phone that it seized and have to decide what they do about these. If it fails to charge me damages and compensation would be due to me for the 7 months of terrorism on me and my family, but not if I am Stateless, they would argue that they were within their rights to take them away from our home.

As far as our holiday to Cyprus in the third week of this Month is concerned it has had to be postponed until October due to visa problems for Rashmi not getting an appointment. So now for me there is no problem of time: it is on my side.

The Royal Mail letter to Medway County Court was returned yesterday. So it is clear that the State had rejected the Court Fee but I forced £332 by Card Payment on the phone and have a receipt for it sent by the Court. Since the Hearing that I asked the Court for by 5.00 pm on Friday did not get announced, the activation of the Injunction is now seeking Judgment directly.

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