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Running Commentary 2 May 2022 (Bank Holiday) 2.18 pm

A Spam email came followed by a website development email and than a CVLibrary job alert email during the morning all of which I deleted. Unless something comes in email or phone from the Court, the National Health Service, the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman or Kent Police I will delete every email that comes now. This is because the deadline for service of the Injunction proceedings is 3 May 2022 set by the Medway Court with my acceptance and now insistence.

It is clear to me that the Police and Court are part of the State as is the National Health Service in my dispute that has been going on for 24 years. So any information I receive from any of the State institutions would be the State's expression of its position on this matter. I will never contact Medway County Court again nor will I contact the International Criminal Court which is ganged up with the State against me in a coordinated manner. As I am effectively Stateless and this explains why I failed to secure employment in recent months and had many struggles in the past. Kent Police cannot be given a chance now to issue summons on me as being the only way I can survive in this country in freedom and liberty. Notwithstanding, I was able to renew my old United Kingdom passport for a 10 year period so will use it to have a holiday in Cyprus in September and Portugal in October and then see if I am stopped from returning back into the United Kingdom. I will site the Injuntion n16a injunction against Kent Police to fight any border immigration authority who stops me from travelling oversees.

So I do nothing now, just go to the 4 May 2022, 09.45 am appointment at Britton House, Community Mental Health Team in Gillingham and see what they say about it all.. This is why I published my email to KMPTPALS and others this afternoon:

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