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Running Commentary on Legal Proceedings: 11.45 am (UK-Time) 25 September 2022

LEGAL NOTICE Cease/desist your wily female advances on Dr Panigrahi


from: Shantanu Panigrahi <>


date: 25 Sept 2022, 11:21

subject: Fwd: LEGAL NOTICE Cease/desist your wily female advances on Dr Panigrahi


---------- Forwarded message ---------

From: Shantanu Panigrahi <>

Date: Sun, 25 Sept 2022 at 11:08

Subject: Fwd: LEGAL NOTICE Cease/desist your wily female advances on Dr Panigrahi

To: <>, <>, <>, <>

Dear Sirs/Madams

1.I have received this email this morning attached [FrShanPanigrahi(CAEdizum)LEGALNOTICEGLDAdminCentLonCtyCrtNHS25Sep2022] from an anonymous source whether a well wisher who is beginning to see my side of the story of this long-running saga from 1997 or if it is a crimnial anonymous email intented to further damgage my reputation in the world in connection with my understanding that Kent Police has now issued proceedings that I am defending against as linked here: AM I GUILTY OF ANY WRONGDOING OF A CRIMINAL NATURE (,, the essential point is that the former Queen of the United Kingdom (may her soul rest in peace) has effectively passed on my petition to her from year 2000 to the present His Majesty King Charles III, so that Claim E35YM660 must be reviewed and the Appeal against District Judge Lightman's Order dated 21 June 2021 be made null and void along with HHJ Parfits order both attached:CentralLondonCountyCourtOrderonE35YM660dated19January2021receivedbyClaimantat9.27amon22March2021-(1) 16.pdf; CentralLondonCountyCourtOrder21June2021(DistrictJudgeLightman)23.pdf.

2. Whether this process takes place at the Administrative Court of Kings Bench under Claim CO/1680/2002 that is on-going in veiw of the fact that since 21 June 2021 I have paid the HMCTS £432 in Court Fees under which no Judicial decision has so far been entered, it is up to this Court to now make clear.

Yours sincerely

Dr Shantanu Panigrahi

3 Hoath Lane



Kent ME8 0SL

United Kingdom

Tel: 07967789619



CentralLondonCountyCourtOrderonE35YM660dated19January2021receivedbyClaimantat9.27amon22March2021-(1) 16.pdf


FrShanPanigrahi(CAEdizum)LEGAL NOTICEccGLDAdminCrtCenLonCtyCrtNHS25Sep2022
Download DOCX • 20KB

Download 27AMO • 56KB

CentralLondonCountyCourtOrder 21 June 2021 (District Judge Lightman)
Download PDF • 802KB


from: Central London DJSKEL <>

to: Shantanu Panigrahi <>

date: 25 Sept 2022, 11:22

subject: RE: LEGAL NOTICE Cease/desist your wily female advances on Dr Panigrahi


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