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On 16 September 2021, Police from Kent Police came to our home and informed me that I was a suspect in the sending of malicious emails to Katrina Sale of the Conservative and Unionist Party. I said that if you believe that you should charge me. They said they were inviting us for a interview at the Purser Way Medway Police Station. Reluctantly I went on the 16 September and submitted my Written Statement denying that I had ever submitted any such emails to anyone. Nothwithstanding, on the 24 November 2021, whilst working at a job, three policemen came into the working premises and arrested me taking me to North Kent Police Station where I was held for 5 hours.

Since then innumerable representations were made to Kent Police including today for an update on whether I would be charged with any offences whatsoever because they had seized our desktop computer, Amazon Fire, USB Memory Stick and my Mobile phone for forensic examination on the day of the arrest from our home that my wife told me about when I later that day returned home.

The Police are not informing me of anything. I need legal advice and representation immediately on this matter.

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