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Shantanu, you are now on very thin ice

Shantanu, you are now on very thin ice




Nomen Nescio <>


Tue, 22 Nov at 01:02

We've had enough. Some I know want to escalate this.

Terminally and conclusively.

Suggest you take a long break and careful weighing before continuing your campaigns of defamation, persecution, stalking, harassment, lying, wasting police and other public servants' time, attempting to bring down the system of justice and game the system to your monetary gain.

How careful a driver are you? And pedestrian?

A shame so many severe accidents happen. Consider your family and what quadriplegia might mean for them, unless they cast you off and let you rot.

It was an error for the explicit blockage notice and 553 (sender on blacklist) message. It was unnecessary, better to silently drop all emails from you as almost everyone we can get to does.

Sleep deeply and long,

Egregious_C, impressed by your two sisters and their shunning of you, and their not-sxo-silent prayers that you die quickly, in the light of your major contribution to the premature deaths of first your mother, then your brother, and finally your apparent father whom you disappointed so


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