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Site Developments: renamed for 'Towards Knowledge for World Conservation'

Updated: Jul 29, 2021

The attempts to have my domain ' transferred from to failed to materialise and I have had enough of the chenanigans. ICANN is hopeless to supervise in this regard. So I have decided to make this Site my 'Towards Knowledge for World Conservation' website that formed the basis of the subsequent Blog: here at Here I intend to publish all the missing data that are the evidential assessment which formed the information collected to arrive at the Conception of Reality that I profess so that the data is not lost to humanity. It is appropriate to have a discussion here under the domain name

In the meantime readers are invited to listen to the discourses of Towards Knowledge for World Conservation in Spotify here for I would not put it past Wordpress to also terminate my project 'The Climate Change Phenomenon: in the same manner that it dismantled and

Besides: I need to bring it all under one roof as my platform for a strive towards a better world than I have inherited as my contribution to humanity that has kindly fostered since November 2020.




Readers may also be interested checking Internet Archive where I have placed my 6 Books on Reality, as follows:







Whilst I would have liked to sell these books in print format for I am steady but live on a pension, my philanthropy has taken over my individual goals for material prosperity, so anyone can download now that the legal hurdles have been overcome and there is nothing libellous or defamatory in what I have ever written on the internet.

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