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Speeding Offence: Options of Speed Awareness Course or Payment of Fine




Shantanu Panigrahi <>


Wed, 9 Nov at 15:45

Dear Kent Driver Education Team

Was Kent Police not aware of this booking made on Wed, 26 Oct 2022 at 11:36 that the records show when it sent me out of the blue the attached email: L021122-Complaint outcome so is now requiring me to pay the fine instead from what I understand of the legalities involved?

Yours sincerely

Dr Shantanu Panigrahi

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On Wednesday, 9 November 2022 at 14:57:24 GMT, <> wrote:

Dear Dr Shantanu Panigrahi,

Thank you for your email.

As you are currently booked for a National Speed Awareness Course on 11 January 2023, you do not need to pay for the fine and take any further points on your driving licence. The course is designed to be an alternative to that course of action.

Please note this is for the driving offence with police reference 0463140442065920.

I hope that answers your question fully, please contact me if you have any further questions regarding this matter.

Kind Regards

Kent Driver Education Team

Matt Parsons | Support Officer | Commercial Team | Highways & Transportation | Kent County Council | Floor 1, Invicta House, Maidstone, ME14 1XX | External: 03000 411554 | Follow us on Twitter @kent_cc

From: Shantanu Panigrahi <>

Sent: 09 November 2022 14:12

To:; Kent Driver Education - GT <>

Subject: Speeding Offence: Options of Speed Awareness Course of Payment of Fine

You don't often get email from Learn why this is important


Driver Diversion

Kent Police

Dear Sirs

In connection with the following Speeding Offence matter, I am unclear as to what the final decision is of Kent Police - please refer Running Commentary on Legal proceedings: 11.18 am (UK-Time) 9 November 2022 (



If it is the Fine that Kent Police is imposing, kindly let me know how much extra I need to pay over and above the £92 that I have paid for the Speed Awareness Course, and how many points I already have on my driveing licence from the 2017 Speeding Offence if it has not already elapsed with the passage of time, so that I can do what is necessary.

I wish to put all of this behind me.

Thank you

Yours sincerely

Dr Shantanu Panigrahi

3 Hoath Lane



Kent ME8 0SL

Tel: 07967789619


L 021122 - Complaint Outcome.pdf 97.7kB :

Protecting and serving the people of Kent

Professional Standards Department

For the attention of the addressee only

Dr Shantanu Panigrahi

Via Email:

Date: 2

nd November 2022

Reference: CO/01211/22

Dear Dr Panigrahi,

Following receipt of your email correspondence with the Professional Standards Department, we are

writing to confirm that your complaint has been recorded under the above reference number as:

1. Complainant is unhappy that he is required to pay a fine for speeding and has not been

offered to attend a Speed Awareness Course.

The complaint has been reviewed and the Appropriate Authority has made a decision that no further

action will take place.

The rationale for this decision is as follows:

The complaints legislation states in some circumstances it may not be reasonable and proportionate

to take complaint allegations any further and they will become subject of no further action. An

example of this is where the complaint would be better handled by another process.

Having reviewed the complaint, I am satisfied the allegation relates to action taken in respect to an

offence of excess speed. There is a legal process which has to be followed in respect to such offences.

Further, as you have pointed out that you are dissatisfied with this procedure, there is an appeals

process to follow. This would be the most appropriate avenue rather than using the police complaints

process, as you are not making any complaint in respect to the prosecution, but instead you are making

a complaint about the outcome.

In relation to the document attached to your email, I note there is no separate complaint linked to

this. The document of a Defence Case Statement produced by you is in respect to ongoing criminal

matters and as such, should be relied upon during the criminal justice process rather than the police

complaints process. I can see no complaint in respect to this in the attached correspondence.

You have a ‘Right of Review’ if you remain dissatisfied with the decision made to take no further action

in relation to Allegation 1. Any appeal must be directed to the Office of the Police and Crime

Commissioner (OPCC), who will have the responsibility for making a determination on your review


Should you decide to submit an appeal, please be aware that it is not the role of the OPCC to

reinvestigate your complaint, make a judgement on legal issues, or operational matters such as ongoing or concluded criminal cases. It is solely their role to determine whether Kent Police have acted

reasonably and proportionately in response to your complaint.

An appeal can be requested online:

By email:

Or in writing to:

The Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner

South Block

Kent Police

Sutton Road


ME15 9BZ.

You have 28 days, starting the day after this letter is dated, to submit an application for review.

Yours sincerely,

N Gossett

Operational Complaints Manager

Professional Standards Departmen


 16 Edinburgh Square, Kent Police, Sutton Road, Maidstone, ME15 9BZ

This is available in

large print on request

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