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The 77 Vitali-Chi Secrets - The FTY Secret

- The 77 Vitali-Chi Secrets - The FTY Secret2




Shantanu Panigrahi <>


Vitali-Chi Ltd.

Mon, 23 Jan at 07:58

Hello Allen

Lovely ideas here, 'Further than Yesterday'.

I have come to the view and based on that actions that does the steady as she goes principle, for stretching the boundaries forces upon oneself the intnetion to achieve, and aims, objectives, plans, missions, desires, wishes, anticipations, expectations, hopes etc does put the mind in a state of stress that causes suffering. With the steady as you go principle, one just exists and responds to external stimuli so one lives without putting undue pressure upon oneself. It is what I describe as being truth-accommodation, facing up to the Reality of one's situation and not forcing oneself to go in any direction but staying still until one's Reality continues to be manifest upon oneself.

This approach is totally holisitic and you may wish to discuss it with Jill ahead of this morning's 6th Session that she said could take place at 10.30 am on which I am awaiting the Zoom Link from you: see attached ToSamaritans22Jan2023.

All the best.

Shantanu Panigrahi

3 Hoath Lane



Kent ME8 0SL

Tel: 07967789619

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On Sunday, 22 January 2023 at 23:34:34 GMT, Vitali-Chi Ltd. <> wrote:


Welcome again to the 77 Secrets. This is a big one. Fanfare's today's secret:

***Further Than Yesterday***

I speak about this concept in The Secret about Exercise but I want to expand upon the point. Just to recap for those who skipped or haven't read that part yet, when I started my marathon training I

couldn't run a mile. The simple principle I came up with was to go 'Further Than Yesterday'. I did this for 6 months culminating in my completing the London Marathon in 2007. But this 'Further Than

Yesterday' can be applied to many aspects of everyday life and I would like to discuss just a few of them here. Let's say you're in business or you work in a job. 'Further Than Yesterday' could apply

to your sales or revenue targets, your position within the company,

your happiness in the job, the good you do for other employees and so on. It's quite a big list when you set your mind to it. Think of it as an ever raising bar in your life, until you reach your

identified goal or milestone. That leads me to a few important points:

1.It's great to go 'Further Than Yesterday' but you do NOT want to create a hamster wheel that you are forever on.

2.That's why it's important to set milestones and targets so you know when you're arrived.

3.It's also important to celebrate and acknowledge your achievements as you go 'Further Than Yesterday'

4.This concept becomes increasingly magnified if you commit publicly to your eventual goals and map or chart your progress.

I think it's quite a natural state to stop testing boundaries but I think many fall way too short of their potential. Is there part of you that is unhappy or unfulfilled because you haven't challenged your future? Have you stopped an endeavour when it all become too hard? Have you ever tried to run before you could walk? Do you have some BIG goals that you would like to have a go at? If you answered "yes", or even "maybe" to any of these questions, then Further Than Yesterday may just be the strategy you have been looking for. Some final tips:

1.Always begin with the end in mind. But choose a target that is reachable (with determination and a stretch, don't aim too low).

2.Map out the incremental steps you need to achieve your long term goal (for example, I knew I had to run a further 24 miles in one go in 6 months, so that was 4 extra miles a month, 1 extra mile a

week, 1/5th of a mile 'further than yesterday' on each of my five

training runs per week).

3.Things often and will probably not go to plan. Don't get despondent, just adjust your plan and stretch the time line or decrease/increase the incremental steps if possible.

Whatever you do, don't settle for less than your full potential. If there is life, you can still go 'Further Than Yesterday'. Because if you don't, the opposite becomes naturally true i.e. Less Than Yesterday. If that happens to you then your Glory Days will be forever that and your world (and your thinking) will gradually become smaller and smaller.

You have been warned...

I'll have more for you tomorrow. I hope you enjoyed this secret, please let me know. Just hit 'Reply' and it should find me.

All the very best,

Allen Jesson


Energy For Life



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