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Your online consultation with Long Catlis Road on 26-08-2022 at 12:30

Your online consultation with Long Catlis Road on 26-08-2022 at 12:30




eConsult Service <>


Fri, 26 Aug at 12:30

DO NOT REPLY TO THIS AUTOMATED EMAIL, especially with your personal or medical details. If you still have questions about your consultation, use the contact details on the practice website.

Dear Shantanu,

Thank you for submitting your request. Your practice will respond by phone, text or email before 6:30PM on Thursday, 1st of September.

Your eConsult reference number for this request is a7adec32

Getting a response from the practice

A practice may respond by phone, text or email.

Calls from the practice may display as "Blocked", "No caller ID" or "Private number". Emails may go to the junk folder.

If the practice doesn't respond before 6:30PM on Thursday, 1st of September, contact them using the link in your confirmation email.

In most cases you won't need to contact the practice before 6:30PM on Thursday, 1st of September. But if they're unable to reach you by then, please contact the practice using this secure form.

We've attached a copy of the answers you submitted


Surgeries may be prioritising urgent requests due to the pandemic. Please be patient with non-urgent, routine requests.

If you have COVID-19 symptoms:


arrange a PCR test (different to a lateral flow test, for patients with no symptoms).

To find out about both of these, visit the government page on COVID-19 or call 119.

If your symptoms worsen while waiting for your practice to contact you, please urgently call the practice, 111 or 999 in an emergency.

Kind regards,


Administrative help consultation answers



Administrative help consultation answers (6)
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