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15.04 pm (UK-Time) 13 October 2021 Update

15.04 pm (UK-Time) 13 October 2021 Update

No emails of substance have come from anywhere. it would appear that the Courts are unable to move because of the email sent to the two Priti Patels (Photographer and Home Secretary) when I thought that I have to fact the Court (the music) so all the websites and publications must remain available for the State authorities online.

I decided to combine the Truth and God as one and the same thing, in that Truth is God and God is Truth: Satymeva Jayate, that is Truth Prevails if it is approached through the process of Truth-accommodation or Satya-advaita. It means never doing anything that would lead to truth being covered up even if one faces material difficulties in life as a consequence. It is the spiritual peace of mind that matters. Knowing that one has raised Truth to the surface and it has gone unchallenged from the humanity of human beings.

William Shatner of United States of America, at 90 years of age the former Captain Kirk of the 1950’s American Film Series Star Trek, is about to go into space in a few minutes time, as the final frontier for the material world led by the United States of America. This is poignant. On that note, I will finish here I started this autobiography, 'The Allurement of Reality' in drawing attention of the readers of what I had prophetically writte in 2004 (see the book A Conception of Reality) that my life experiences would show that for mankind Truth is the Final Frontier, not space. I had further qualified it by stating that ‘has this quest been facilitated for just about anyone to experience? These are the adventures of Starship Panigrahi: his mission to explore strange new worlds, to go where no man has ever been. Indeed it has been quite a ride.

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