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Shantanu Panigrahi

To:Civil Appeals - Registry

Sun, 12 May at 07:03


The Court of Appeal


Dear Sirs


I write to enquire on the present state of  Appeal No CA-2023-000750 combining civil and criminal prosecutions that I have as a Claimant and Informant undertaken but which have reached a stalemate or impasse.


This relates to fundamental human rights under the Human Rights Act, so I would be grateful for Directions accordingly with the proceedings below as being the substantive update.


Yours sincerely


Dr Shantanu Panigrahi

3 Hoath Lane



Kent ME8 0SL

United Kingdom

Tel: 07967789619


----- Forwarded message -----Fw: Reminder: My Membership of the Reform UK Party by Direct Debit arrangement

From: Shantanu Panigrahi <>

To: Reformparty Info <>

Sent: Sunday, 12 May 2024 at 06:40:48 BST

Subject: Reminder: My Membership of the Reform UK Party by Direct Debit arrangement



Reform UK Party


Dear Colleagues in Reform UK Party


I refer to my Membership of the Reform UK Party as attached Certificate of Membership of the Reform UK Party and am in the process of paying the required £50 that the Party refunded prematurely in confusion on the circumstances. As I had indicated I would pay by Direct Debit arrangement this morning.


I attach also an update on the reforms that I would suggest to the Law and Order Systems of the United Kingdom as attached: MISSION ACCOMPLISHED-digital.pdf.


I would be grateful for your kind consideration.


Yours sincerely


Dr Shantanu Panigrahi

3 Hoath Lane



Kent ME8 0SL

United Kingdom

Tel: 07967789619

Download all attachments as a zip file


(a) Certificate of Membership of Reform UK Party.pdf 1.9MB

(b) MISSION ACCOMPLISHED-digital.pdf  84.7kB




Certificate of Membership of Reform UK Party.pdf  1.9MB

Name: Shantanu Panigrahi

Join Date: 20 Apr 2024

Expiry Date: 20 Apr 2026

Membership No 1140703





Author: Shantanu Panigrahi

3 Hoath Lane



Kent ME8 0SL

United Kingdom


Publisher: The Conservative Libertarian Publications Limited

Companies House Number 13489581


ISBN Number: 978-1-0686311-9-1



When the troubles first began for the author in 1997 with his scientific career heading towards doldrums, he suspected that it was for a reason, and that there was a mission for him in the offing. Today at 7 pm (UK-Time) he finally knew for certain what mission God had placed for him in the scheme of things. Hence, he was allured by Reality to find out the truth of what was to lie ahead for him.


To find oneself and ones place on Earth, that is the meaning of life has been the subject of intense debate for millennia, especially in Hinduism.


From sparks of awakening 27 years ago which led the author to try and find out the truth of whether this was a psychiatric phenomenon or some Higher Power had intervened was something that the author needed to determine. This is the subject matter of what his autobiography in 189 volumes of progression of his life is what he termed ‘The Allurement of Reality’.


The mission to determine Reality had to be undertaken on the material as well as spiritual dimensions.


That is all it was about; no dharmayudha in terms of warfare with adversaries; just the routinal navigation through the truth-path towards an uncertain destiny but the destination went to and from for the means of satya-advaita yoga had to be employed to satisfy the quest for knowledge.


The formation of the full version of the Conservative Libertarian Party of the United Kingdom was the result of the truth search. It had considered that cultural traditions were to be maintained, but that does not serve democracy which for the Founder was the paramount consideration:


It is not the mission of the author to change the Constitution of the United Kingdom. That is a job for the established political parties. My role was to highlight the inadequacies of the hitherto State. It is a Constitutional Monarchy. The author cannot vote currently for any of the Parties in the local and general elections because it is anathema to the author that the unelected Head of State dictates like a Dictatorial Monarch on every facet of society. Whether a Republican like the author can continue with life as a free person with all the amenities that the State has for the rest of the population is a consideration. It could be treasonous to be a Republican and openly write as one, for there might be an interpretation that one is inciting rebellion against the State. Only a Court of law can rule on this.


The author has two sets of proceedings currently, one a Claimant in civil litigation against the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom under Case No E35YM660 at the Central London County Court which has been adjourned for the past 16 months that the Courts would not explain with Full Written Reasons for why it remains adjourned. The author has assumed that the Monarch intervened in the proceedings structurally in terms of the unwritten constitution and the author had to pay the costs of the ‘Defendant’ of £4170 to the Cabinet Office as a result of District Judge Lightman’s Order at a Hearing on 21 June 2021 that the author did not attend due to fears that he was being set up for a Pre-Trial Hearing without being given the underlying reasons for what the basis of this was. Then there is Case Number: 2100022559 at FOLKESTONE MAGISTRATES COURT in which the author conducted a private prosecution in terms of applying for an arrest warrant on the Chief Constable of Kent Police which was refused at an initial sitting with neither party attending and so just on the papers of the author submitted to the Court.


The two Courts have been requested comments on the current state of play in these two proceedings as linked here: But there have been no comments to the author.


Finally the author complained to Kent Police for the Hate Crime that in his perception was waged against him by the Security Services and the Complaint was assigned a Complaint Number CO/999/23 by Kent Police but no Report on the complaint has come, as linked here:


So there remain uncertainties still as to how the State-authorities will react to the author’s decision on turning his political party a Republican party.


The author has to be very careful with how he conducts himself from now onwards as a Republican but this decision is not irreversible if he attains justice in both the civil and criminal proceedings in the said Courts.


On this Saturday I am confronted by total silence from the State authorities.


23.01 pm (UK-Time) 11 May 2024


Posted this book in Diary of the Author category of Libertarian Democracy, as follows:


11 May 2024, 23.04 pm (UK-Time)

in Diary of the Author


Stalemate in legal proceedings.



Download PDF • 69KB


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23.06 pm (UK-Time) 11 May 2024


12 May 2024, 05.26 am (UK-Time)

in Diary of the Author



Stalemate in legal proceedings.



Download PDF • 76KB


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05.30 am (UK-Time) 12 May 2024






The Court of Appeal endorses a Judge's decision to dismiss the entire jury to convict and sentence to jail

in TCLP-UK proceedings


Shantanu Panigrahi






TCLP-UK learns something new every day: Judge sends fraudsters to jail without a jury  







05.53 am (UK-Time) 12 May 2024


Shantanu Panigrahi


Edited: 1s

12 May 2024, 06.18 am (UK-Time)

in Diary of the Author

Stalemate in legal proceedings.




Download PDF • 85KB


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Last Updated: 06.31 am (UK-Time) 12 May 2024


Automatic Response



Civil Appeals - Registry

To:Shantanu Panigrahi

Sun, 12 May at 07:05


Thank you for your email.

Legal Representatives


Please note that from Monday 14th February 2022 it is now mandatory for professional users to submit all documents (e.g. bundles, skeleton arguments, application notices etc.) via E-Filing.  General correspondence may be sent by email.

This is pursuant to Practice Direction 51O of the CPR and the Practice Note which supplements it.

For Unrepresented Parties only

URGENT applications should be submitted to the court via email to this address:  between 9am and 4.15 pm

What may be deemed as urgent:

Cases where in the interests of justice a substantive decision is required within 7 days.  The types of work listed below fall into this category

•        Child cases

•        Committal appeals

•        Applications for stay of removal

•        Evictions

•        Cases (including ancillary applications) with a hearing listed in the Court of Appeal within the next month

•        Applications for an urgent stay of execution

•        Covid-19 related cases e.g., medical guidance regarding priority patients

NON-URGENT applications should be emailed to: 

This auto response is confirmation that your email has been received and you will not receive a separate acknowledgement. Staff will follow the internal processes that have been established to process your application as quickly as possible.

All appellant’s notices will be accepted in the first instance on the basis that they may be rejected at a later date for want of jurisdiction.

Fresh applications for permission to appeal must include:

•             a completed appellant’s notice (form N161)

•             grounds of appeal on a separate sheet

•             The appropriate court fee via your PBA account, a completed Help with Fees form (EX160) or by contacting the RCJ Fees Office on 0203 936 8957 or by emailing  between the hours of 10:00am and 16:00pm, Monday to Friday (except bank holidays)

•             a copy of the sealed order being appealed.

•             A transcript of judgment should also be provided if available (or should be ordered immediately)

The public counter at E307 (Registry) remains closed, however a drop box facility is available at the main entrance into the Royal Courts of Justice.

Once the appellant’s notice is issued, all queries should be emailed to the appropriate following addresses:

The court will issue orders electronically in the first instance.

You can find contact details for other courts in other jurisdictions at the Courts & Tribunals Finder.

Customer feedback

The Court of Appeal – Civil Division accepts online complaints through the HMCTS online complaint form:

The online customer feedback system has been designed to help customers make an administrative complaint through the HM Courts & Tribunals Service process. It will also help us to learn from customer feedback to feed into possible improvements to the way we work.


This is an automated Delivery Response. Please do NOT reply to this email, it will NOT be viewed.


This e-mail and any attachments is intended only for the attention of the addressee(s). Its unauthorised use, disclosure, storage or copying is not permitted. If you are not the intended recipient, please destroy all copies and inform the sender by return e-mail. Internet e-mail is not a secure medium. Any reply to this message could be intercepted and read by someone else. Please bear that in mind when deciding whether to send material in response to this message by e-mail. This e-mail (whether you are the sender or the recipient) may be monitored, recorded and retained by the Ministry of Justice. Monitoring / blocking software may be used, and e-mail content may be read at any time. You have a responsibility to ensure laws are not broken when composing or forwarding e-mails and their contents.


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