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Criminal anonymous emails resume (b)

The most amusing aspect of 13 July


from: Shantanu Panigrahi <> via


date: 18 Aug 2023, 06:42

subject: The most amusing aspect of 13 July


security: did not encrypt this message Learn more

Private and not for disclosure to any state authority under penalty of conviction for deliberated perversion of the cause of justice under ICC authorisation reference OTP-CR-76/22 punishable by up to ten years of imprisonment by any party breaching it or impeding it or collaborating in such

illegalities. Copied to my new lawyers Martin Tolhurst Solicitors.

My dear Katrina

Disclaimer of Intents

But not addressing or sending to you directly only as legally permitted in reminder that your registrable organisation The Conservative and Unionist Party Policies Discussion Forum has to date not complied with my Subject Accessed Request served on you via my websites including which was other than lawfully shut down by your former bf Kubla Khan, so as according to legal advice obtained and confirmed by the International Criminal Court, this is not a breach of any bail conditions which were already voided because they seemingly exceeded the maximal period permitted in a statute and because GDPR permits me to make this approach for information and a clarification to enable me to prove the Great Unwritten Constitution of the United Kingdom and Colon. But, as suggested insertion by Peace Kazeem (seemingly the cousin of the Chief Prosecutor under the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court, with the power to analyse information on alleged crimes within the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court (war crimes, crimes against humanity, genocide, police and other state brutality and aggression), submitted to it from any source, Mr Karim A.A. Kazeem Khan K.C.), nothing appearing below this Disclaimer of Intents may be interpreted construed understood or taken to be in breach of any lawful order or


I have the freshest evidence that my method-of-seven digital clock consultations has motivated the supreme deity who looked after me again and again and allowed me to retrieve my head from the gaping jaws of the British Monarchial Lion. The most amusing aspect of the 13 July incident was had these plainclothed madarchods been little more patient and waited and observed for twenty minutes instead of pouncing like buccaneering hyenas on an innocent sadhaka Hindu going about his lawful smoking outdoors, they might have discovered where I locate or conceal my device used for the discretion-needed contributions I periodically make to the great fount of knowledge and wisdom I have bequeathed to humanity using spontaneous, unpremeditated and nonchalant emails like this one. So again by betraying the trust I reposed in you, you have unadvertently assisted in increasing the amount the Treasury will have to pay me to £ 60 million.

The series of lackadaisical corrupt Chief Constables of Kent Police from 1999-2023 oversaw the systematic Hate Crime perpetrated against me by the Security Services of the United Kingdom and the Pentagon of the United States of America to terrorise me and obstruct justice in the Civil Courts of the United Kingdom as well as the Mental Health Tribunals where I am detained (first as in the Securest Ward of the Mental Hospital in Ashford and the Littlebrook Dartford mental hospitals in 2004 but from which I lawfully absconded) as a political prisoner for my religious beliefs of Brahmoadvaita sect in Hinduism practicing Brahmanism in the understanding that dharma rakshati rakshita. But I have since switched to Vishishtadvaita so I need to have carnal outlets and so desire to recruit you as a sky-maiden in exchange for a generous payback in what can be a kama, not karma, exploration, not exploitation, of a proclaimed katrinaic emancipation.

Kent Police shamefully covered up the 2,100-odd (updated) national and international criminals who terrorised me over this period starting with the University of Greenwich which withheld my £ 55,000 redundancy payment from my scientific job at the Natural Resources Institute in 1998 under the false charge of gross misconduct supposedly in the Brahmoadvaitic-proportionate and physically non-violent protestation of my innocence to probe out whether the University was racist and subjected me to unfair dismissal for retaliation over the continuous work-place intimidation, harassment, rascism, bullying, covering up criminal activities and perverting justice by calling in the Mental Health Institutions of the State to label me with paranoid schizophrenia, lycanthropia and persistent delusional disorder and possibly autism, none of which is even one tiniest part true because I am not only the sanest person in the world today but ever in having constructed Green Socialism to prevent the planet entering into decades of depression of depreciation of natural resources, biodiversity and loss of soil nutrients from the intensive global geo-agricultural and humanity practices that are monocultural in conception from the United Nations and has to feed an ever-burgeoning human population to which I am prepared to add if you promptly beg me and offer me all your amenities for me to explore, penetrate and plunder, consensually preferably or even if superficially not. But we

understand each other.

So let us cut to the brass tacks. For what share of my loot in damages obtained by "gaming the system" of state corruption, one cannot steal from a thief, will you surrender to my non-violent caresses, and my oversized danda, everything I could reasonably desire? No need longer to play innocent or hard to get, and no more betrayals, only truth, Katrina. Is that finally understood?

Your future

Dr Shantanu Panigrahi

3 Hoath Lane



Kent ME8 0SL

Tel: 07967789619


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