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Updated: Jun 9, 2021


from: Shantanu Panigrahi <>


date: 8 Jun 2021, 21:25




Amnesty International

London, United Kingdom

General Enquiries:

Telephone: +44-20-74135500

Fax number: +44-20-79561157

Address: 1 Easton Street, London, WC1X 0DW, UK

Twitter: @Amnesty

Dear Amnesty,

I have been directed by Amnesty Supporters Unit today to contact you on a matter of the gravest importance, not just for residents of the United Kingdom, but also globally.

For the past 23 years of my adult life in the United Kingdom, I have been accused of forensic behaviour and abuse of the process of court, as well as of other undefined charges such as contempt of court and seditious activity as an activist who is a conscientious objector to the political democracy of the United Kingdom, in its dictatorial surveillance of private citizens going about their lawful activities of whistle blowing on the wrongdoings of the Security Services of the State.

In 2004 I was incarcerated in a mental hospital under Sectioning for my activism against the Judicial authorities who have condoned the University of Greenwich, Shell UK, Sainsburys, Tesco and Iceland in employment-associated injustices upon me.

There is a news blackout maintained by the State over these long years to cover up the fact that the State had deliberately from behind the scenes perpetrated crimes against humanity on me on the supposed belief that it was fighting a crusade against me for my religious beliefs which are well documented as you will note from the attached eBook that I have published, entitled ‘A Conception of Reality (.pdf)’.

Right now from behind the scenes concocted charges are being framed against me for a Trial Review Hearing on 21 June 2021 at 11.40 am by the Central London County Court, for which I have tentatively formulated by Skeleton Argument in my Defence that has been submitted to the Judiciary at this Court but there has been no reply let alone the Full Written Reasons for the Summons that is being considered.

In this regard as the Book narrates 55 lawyers and law firms have been manipulated by the State not to cooperate with me and I am consequently denied legal representation and legal Aid for the purpose of defending myself at the Trial Hearing on the above cited date.

In 2000, when the Medway County Court found me to have abused the process of Court a sought asylum in a dozen countries including my birth country of India which denied me asylum and the return of my Indian passport to go back to India. This is most urgent now, as I do not accept the jurisdiction of the British Courts any longer and wish to find a safe haven in another country.

I would accordingly be grateful Amnesty International would contact the United Nations High Commission for Refugees and find me safe passage out of the United Kingdom this week, coronavirus pandemic notwithstanding.

My wife does not understand me as she is atheistic and materialistic and condemns me for knocking the shit out of the phirangi British racists who have tortured, bullied, intimidated and harassed me over these 23 years, and most recently through an organisation calling itself Victims of Panigrahi Association (VOPA) who sent me, my wife, and my associates in employment and elsewhere 1500 criminal anonymous emails thorough persons who have named themselves to me as Dr Sivaji Panesar, Mr Marty Caine, Mr Fritz Wuehler, Dr Nitin Bharadwaj, Counsel Ed Mulhouse, Cherie, and others.

The evidence for this State organised persecution on me was published in my Blogs: and at Wordpress, but this company has been politically manipulated to archive and suspend these Blogs out of the public domain where I had intended the Court of Public Opinion to assess the details of how the British Security Services tortured me for stating that 'Big Brother wanted a nation of morons in a Police State' and that I wished therefore to punch the final nail in the coffin of the British State for destroying my scientific career wantonly at the University of Greenwich in 1998 through the manipulation of the Mental Health authorities and the trades unions The Institutions of Professionals, Managers and Specialists and lately USDAW, and the Trades Union Congress, In this regard I had set up the Union of Petrol Station Workers under the Blair government but it received short shrift from the political parties in Parliament and the wider labour movement.

When I took the Indian government to the Supreme Court of India in a Public Interest Litigation for not allowing me to return to India to pursue my scientific career I was promptly put back in a mental hospital for another month under sectioning in 2008.

Sir, the evidence is that I am the sanest person who has ever lived on this planet and the most knowledgeable too, and a genius who wanted to do some good for the Planet Earth and its inhabitants for I saw that the Earth is in peril of impending doom. The Giant Techs were manipulated to terrorise me for this reason as well as large multinational corporations who do not wish there to be a spiritual and libertarian basis for leading human lives. The State prevented me from writing this Book and publishing it through self-publishing attempts as the Skeleton Argument makes clear.

Kindly look into this matter very urgently and let me know if Amnesty can find me safe refuge in a foreign country immediately to get away from the secretive Police State establishment of the United Kingdom and its overseas dependencies implicit and explicit, for I reserve my freedom of expression to label them as Satan evil Saale madarchod, bhosadiwale, suar ke bacche kahinke, pigshit bastards, vermine-fascist insects at all levels of society.

Yours sincerely

Dr Shantanu Panigrahi

3 Hoath Lane



Kent ME8 0SL

Tel: 07967789619




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