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Happy Birth Day

Happy Birth Day


from: Nitin Bhardwaj <> via


date: 10 Jul 2023, 19:44

subject: Happy Birth Day


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Dear Smt. Panigrahi,

As your husband helpfully published on the internet fullest details of your Birth Day holiday plans, would it not be a good idea to meet up in Broadstairs on Monday after next and finally thrash out matters? Our agent is content to meet in your hotel foyer wearing a covid mask and taking suitable precautions.

The situation has only deteriorated this far because of your willful failure, despite suggestions and pleading, to rein in his worst excesses, and curtail his access to broadcast media. You have wasted the time and resources of so many by unleashing this troublemaking troll on us. There has to be a reckoning.

Now, the number of aggrieved persons, insulted, humiliated and falsely accused by your husband, who utilise the posting portal that we engineered is increasing to the point that the daily bandwidth quota is regularly exceeded. We do not know who these people really are, but it is a fair guess most of them must be angry victims of rogue provocateur Shantanu's publications.

Blaming others for such promotes further 'mistakes' by you, so acknowledgement of your own deep and dharmic regulatory failure is an essential step in any solution. You are in evident breach of your contract with society.

Still, I wish you a peaceful Birth Day.

As an afterthought, I save you the bother of forwarding this to the guiltiest abuser. If you wish the conference to occur, a minimum of five days notice is needed.

Yours dutifully,

Nitin J. Bhardwaj (relay)

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