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Mental Health Concerns

Mental Health Concerns2




Shantanu Panigrahi <>


Cameron Crockett PC 46014773

Sun, 21 Aug at 13:57

Dear Cameron Crockett PC 46014773

I have been a mental patient for 20-24 years, at first at my instigation when I was working at the University of Greenwich, and after my dismissal from that job without severance payment of £55,000 as redundancy terms, I spent two spells in the Mental hospitals (2004 and 2008) following which I have had treatment under various Psychiatrists in the Care in the Community Services of the National Health Service, first at Kingsley House (Dr Sandeep and Dr Shobha), then at Canada House by Dr Masoud and finally at Britton House in Gillingham. After Dr Masoud I was examined by Dr Odesanya at Briton House in companionship with Mr Micahel Kingham Consultant Forensic Psychiatrist with whom I explained that belief in a God lurking in my head whom I talked to using a digital clock with times of '7' (4.21, 3.04, 5.02, 6.10, 9.07, 8.08, etc were affirmative and the rest of the clock sightings were negative. I did not hear from him with a Report on the forensics of my condition. Then Dr Odesanya diagnosed me for autism spectrum but I never got an appointment at Maudsley House in South London even though out of area funding was granted by the Clinical Commissioning Group of Medway Foundation Trust.

My last Consultant Psychiatrist was Dr F Odesanya who released me from secondary Care to Primary Care of the GP Services still suffering he said with paranoid schizophrenia and persistent delusional disorders as you will read from the attached GP Letter from Dr Mwanche MedCerDrMwanche29Nov2021.

My wife and I had complained to Britton House through my GP and Single Point of access that I should have been retained in Secondary Care at Britton House, but since then under the referral of PC Evans in relation to some malicious emails received by BP that I worked for until March 2022, I had to go and see Mr Michael Quarms at Britton House whose reports are also attached for your kind consideration. FrMichalQuarm(CMHT_MDT_9May2022received13May2022.docx; FrMicahaelQuarm(CMHT)BrittonHouse9May 2022received13May2022.docx.

Following the recommendation of Mr Quarms I am being treated for Personality Disorder by MEGAN CIC where Vicky Randall is my Support Worker.

I am currently on 7 medications in the morning (2 mg risperidone, 150 mg sertraline, 500 mg Depakote for mental health, 20 mg Tamsulosin and Finasteride (for a pissing problem) and Atorvastatin for high cholesterol and in the evening, I take 500 mg Depakote and 2 mg risperidone. The Doctors at the GP ensure that I get my medications regularly and I collect them from Boots the Chemists in Hempstead Valley Shopping Centre.

I hope this is useful.

Please continue with your good work

Yours sincerely

Dr Shantanu Panigrahi

3 Hoath Lane



Kent ME8 0SL

Tel: 07967789619

On Sunday, 21 August 2022 at 12:04:54 BST, Cameron Crockett PC 46014773 <> wrote:

Good Morning,

I’m currently investigating an incident that you’ve been involved in and it’s come to my attention that you’ve had some assistance with your mental health in the past. I know you’ve previously been under Canada House and was curious if you are still being treated by then. I am planning on making a referral regardless but do I have your consent to do so?

Kind Regards,

PC Crockett

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FrMicahelQuarm(CMHTBrittonHouse)9May2022received13May2022.docx 22.7kB

MedCertDrMawanche29Nov2021b.pdf 1.4MB:

FrMicahelQuarm(CMHT_MDT _9May2022received13May2022
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