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Shantanu Panigrahi <>


Force Control Kent Police, Enquiries Kent Police


Enquiries Medway County Court, Northkent Magistrates Court, maidstonecrowncourt,

Tue, 6 Dec at 21:35


Kent Police

Dear Sirs

I have had enough of these communications with the Samaritans going back half a dozen years: I had once reported the Samaritans to the Charity Commission to remove its charity status based on my experiences with them that was part of the Community Mental Health Team's suggestion but did not receive an acknowledgment from the Commission. Day before yesterday I had the exchange as linked here: Samaritans, the latest State authority, surface and then retreat (

Samaritans, the latest State authority, surface and then retreat

Re: [filtered] Fw: Rejection of Job Application2 Yahoo / Sent Shantanu Panigrahi <> T...

Now the Samaritans have sent me the attached email asking me if I know how to or what I intend to do about committing suicide presumably because that is in everyone interests: FrSamaritans6Dec2022.pdf.

I wish to make it clear that with regard to the proceedings on which I am the prime suspect in relation to malicious communications, I am not only the sanest person on Earth right now but the sanest who has ever walked on the face of the Earth in the history of mankind. I have said also that for the injustices perpetrated on me by the University of Greenwich in depriving me of my due £55,000 severance payment and giving me a bad name by labelling me as having been blameworthy of gross misconduct, I was going to stick my head into the British Lions mouth and hoped to take it out unscathed as a Master escapologist dodging all the traps that were set on me by the CIA/MI5/COBRA.

Mental conditions are very poorly understood by Consultant Psychiatrists in the United Kingdom and by extension elsewhere where medicine is western-branded. The Hindus know how to study the mind.

So if Kent Police thinks that it can hide behind Samaritans email to me and not apologise and pay me £5 million in damages and compensation for the 25 years of victimisation, persecution, terrorism and defrauding of financial rights thinking that I will not attend Medway County Court in relation to the Hearing of the J00ME572 Injunction and Money Claims process and to have Kent Police declared as having committed contempt of Court on several grounds, most notably on the arrest and continuing investigation of me as the only suspect that had engaged in malicious communications or any other offences that Kent Police wishes to concoct on me, then the Chief Constable of Kent Police is very mistaken. I will go to Court on my litigation as Claimant or as a Defendant in a criminal court arguing that Kent Police is a lying institution as is the rest of the Establishment of the United Kingdom who could not stand a Hindu practicing his religion as an immigrant.

The arrest matter and the Speeding Matter must be heard in a court of law as soon as it can be arranged.

Yours sincerely

Dr Shantanu Panigrahi

3 Hoath Lane



Kent ME8 0SL

Tel: 07967789619


FrSamaritans6Dec2022.pdf 833.6kB

Re: Re: [filtered] Fw: Rejection of Job Application



Inbox <>


Tue, 6 Dec at 17:17

Hi Shantanu,

You said in your email that you need to know who you are dealing with here at the Samaritans, each email you send will be picked up from a Samaritan at random, so could be a male or female each time, so that is why we are called Jo. Unfortunately it is often the case that it is a 24 hour or so wait for us to be able to get back to emails due to the volume we receive and the number of volunteers available to answer them. Please do know that each volunteer will read back through all of the email exchanges over the past 30 days, so each person replying will understand the background.

It sounds like you are experiencing a very difficult time with these court and police matters that you mention, without much or any guidance from the relevant authorities as you say. Is there anyone around you that you trust who can support you emotionally with this?

Are these suicidal thoughts something you feel you may act on?

Please do continue to talk to us while it helps while you are experiencing such a distressing time, we do care about you here at the Samaritans.



You can call Samaritans free on 116 123 day or night, 365 days a year, from any phone in the UK or Republic of Ireland. A trained volunteer will answer the phone as soon as they can.

When you email us, we aim to respond within 24 hours. This means it will usually be several hours before someone reads your email. If you need urgent support, we can respond more quickly if you call.

You can find more information about Samaritans, including other ways to contact, online self-help and more about the email service at Our privacy statement is here:

Samaritans registered Charity Number 219432 (England & Wales) and SC040604 in Scotland.







eastkentmc <>


Shantanu Panigrahi

Tue, 6 Dec at 21:35

Thank you for your email.

We have received your query and will ensure that the relevant person deals with it as soon as possible.

Please do not re-send your query, as this will not result in it being dealt with any sooner.

Please note: Court staff are not legally trained and so are unable to offer legal advice.

If you are uncertain how to proceed, information can be found at If you are in doubt it is best to seek professional legal advice from a solicitor or Citizens Advice Bureau.

Need to make a complaint? Get started here:

Here is how HMCTS uses personal data about you

Coronavirus (COVID-19): courts and tribunals planning and preparations

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