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Re: [filtered] Re: Renewed Search for a Psychotherapist

Re: [filtered] Re: Renewed Search for a Psychotherapist2




Shantanu Panigrahi <>


Wed, 4 Jan at 08:28

Dear Jo

Do not worry about the attached documents that I sent you. Things have moved on.

I am still in the process of searching for Mental Health Services in the private sector given that I have had such disappointing results with the NHS. The Consultant Psychiatrists in the NHS just cannot make up their minds on how my mental state of mind has developed and evolved over the past 25 years. It has been a ever changing phenomenon for me and I have tried to use my own mental faculties to override what the Consultant Psychiatrists say about me. It is what we Hindus call as being 'swadhyaya' or self-examination. When combined with yoga that I call satya-advaita yoga of oneness with truth it charts its own path towards the mind being in the Self mode of operation that no Psychiatrist in the world would be able to fathom for it is entirely an individual path to peace and ananda (joy).

I had two appointments with Simon Taylor (The Dynamic Therapist) and had paid him £100 for what he described as being Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, but on the second appointment he said that due to the fact that I had a potentially life-changing event coming up in terms of the Hearing at the Central London County Court under Claim E35YM660 on 20 January 2023, that could go either way in that I might get exonerated as having been a sane person all along leading an ordinary life or that I had been someone who was intentionally disruptive to the State of the United Kingdom by my actions over the past decade since I undertook a mission to develop 'knowledge for world conservation', because I had so much time on my hands and had been blacklisted for decent employment since the University of Greenwich shattered my scientific career without a severance payment and my life was in doldrums.

Simon Taylor gave me links to other Clinical Psychologists (Dr Scott) and a psychotherapists in Harley Street London who he said were more medically qualified to assist me with my present mental state of mind. He also sent me a link to Dr Mirza in Harley Street, a Consultant Psychiatrist of 41 years of experience to contact but one who charges £450 per session oi consultation that is way out of my affordability, so is a non-starter.

That leaves me with Jill Jesson, a holistic alternative medicine specialist who does physiotherapy and psychotherapy and I have paid her £48 for an initial consultation, asking her to book me in for a Session on Saturday the 7th of January on Zoom. She is currently considering her reply on WhatsApp.

Then there is a psychotherapist Dr Michael Williams with whom I have had email exchanges and he too is considering whether he can take on the task of assisting me on an ongoing basis.

Fianlly. I have another option with Jennie Penkul as linked here: Jennie Penkul Counselling & Psychotherapy has replied to your Bark (

Jennie Penkul Counselling & Psychotherapy has replied to your Bark

Jennie Penkul Counselling & Psychotherapy has replied to your Bark5 Yahoo / Sent Jennie Penkul <

So the search for a mental health specialist within my affordability in the private sector is continuing Jo.

I have an appointment with Dipti the Mental Health Pharmacist at Long Catlis Road Surgery who will telephone me on 6 January 2023 to do a medication review and decide whether I should be referred back to secondary care in the Community which is in the NHS and so I would not have to spend money. I see all western medicine to be based on the same medical education and being from a Hindu background I only rely on spiritual enhancement of my mind to control my nerves, anxieties, depression, mood swings, paranoia, and disappointments in life which are many.

In my earlier days when I was examining the British Justice System I learnt a lot of what the State comprises of and that has taken me through a lot of paranoid schizophrenia and persistent delusions as well as depression and mood swings, but I learnt that one must not have any objectives, plans, missions, anticipations, expectations, wishes, hopes and desires and most of all an ego. Then only one can carry on living spontaneously, unpremeditatedly and nonchalantly with total freedom of the mind so that there is then a total cessation of suffering.

As far as the legal matters are concerned you may find the following link useful: Your Road Traffic Matter (

I am sorry that I could not reply to you last night, I was busy not knowing how to respond to Simon Taylor, Jill Jesson and Michael Williams but now that I have sorted these issues out I am free to discuss all matters with you instead. I am still taking my risperidone (4 mg), sertraline (150 mg) and Depakote (1000 mg) medications daily, and these do help in that my body is now used to the medications and I am no longer worried about having erectile dysfunction, tremors, prostate specific antigen enhancement, pre-diabetes condition and high cholesterol at the age of 66.

I hope to receive something from the Court of Central London to sort out the anomalies that I have highlighted to the Court with regards to the Hearing of 20 January 2023. I am not sure if I have the mental aptitude to attend the Hearing in person that the Notice of Hearing requires parties to do, as I have Caring commitments towards my wife who as you know has a severe back and muscle nerve problem that restricts her movements and for which I have booked her in for an appointment with Dr Zuokos at KIMS hospital in Maidstone on 9 February 2023 at 10.00 am.

I hope I have covered everything, Jo.

Thank you for writing back


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On Tuesday, 3 January 2023 at 20:24:37 GMT, <> wrote:

Hi Shantanu,

I hope this finds you well.

We cannot see the attached document you sent in your last email. You've mentioned in several emails about looking for help with your mental health, how did the first consultation go? How are you feeling about getting help?

You've also written about your legal issues. How are you feeling about these coming up?

With what you have put, you've talked about what you have been through and are currently going through. What would you like the future to look like?



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