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Shantanu Panigrahi <>


Wed, 11 Jan at 11:23

Dear Jo

We are where we are: the future does not matter as the past does not matter to me; only the present matters which means that my correspondence has to be complete.

I have asked Kent Police to agree to an adjournment of the proceedings at the Central London County Court under my Claim E35YM660 pending the completion of its internal review process which has stalled due to a high workload of the officials at the Police Force.

The appointment with Jill Jesson will start at 12.30 pm and I will persevere with all 6 Sessions that are booked with her on a weekly basis as was the plan except that Jill needed a quick second Session following last Sunday's Session to get all her facts on my background together.

The bone of contention at present that hopefully will come out in due course is that when I spoke to Jill last Sunday about psychic abilities, she seemed to be negative on this. I would like to go into it in more detail with her today believing that my powers have developed through years of yoga in having to deal with the crisis that I ran into. It sharpened to a point that I realised that Reality is transient and by abandoning or jettisoning all one's attachments I have come to a state of mind of having immediate awareness of the next moment's imminent Reality which has to be acted on spontaneously, nonchalantly and unpremeditatedly within what we Hindus call the Self mode of operation of the mind. The actions thereby performed are perfect in truth-accommodation which brings harmony in one’s dealings with others and one attains Self-preservation such that one has total peace of mind. The past and the future are irrelevant, so I do not have objectives, plans, missions, aims, wishes, hopes, expectations, anticipations, desires and ego has vanished from my psyche.

What do you think about this?


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On Wednesday, 11 January 2023 at 07:52:38 GMT, <> wrote:

Hello Shantanu

It sounds from your email that you now have a positive path forward. Hopefully your latest call with Jill Jesson today will also be successful and after your hearing on the 20th Jan you will be able 'to look forward to a normal life'.

We are pleased that our support and your gyan yoga, is making you feel a lot calmer and not 'abandoned to the wolves'. Do keep in contact and update us on your progress while things are still challenging for you.



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