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Shantanu Panigrahi <>


Sat, 21 Jan at 14:37

Hello Jo

It looks like that the Court of Central London nor Kent Police work urgently on pressing matters on a Saturday that a citizen requires information and action on, despite repeated protestations on the vulgarity and criminality of the trolling emails that I have been terrorised and victimised with over the past 5-6 years especially:

Defendant's Copy re jessica-da-costa Linkedin (

Defendant's Copy re jessica-da-costa Linkedin

Defendant's Copy re jessica-da-costa Linkedin Inbox Shantanu Panigrahi 07:17 (1 hour ago) to Jessica, Frances an...

Defendant's Copy re jessica-da-costa Linkedin (

Defendant's Copy re jessica-da-costa Linkedin

Defendant's Copy re jessica-da-costa Linkedin2 Yahoo / Sent Shantanu Panigrahi <> To:...

There has to be a Court Judgment whether in a Civil Court on my litigations or in a criminal court of Kent Police's choosing, but who decides the urgency at which the matter is finally resolved. This mere fact is something I find very difficult to grapple with now that Jill Jesson has terminated my psychotherapy Sessions and Jennie Penkhul is not responding to my requests for assistance. This leaves me with just the Samaritans to provide the emotional support for distress that I am suffering for I have not even this morning received any official letters from the Court of Central London to clarify whether the Hearing ever was convened on the 20th of January 2023 or is likely to be resuscitated on the Defendant's costs that it has applied for to the Court, given that I have no aims in that regard having defined the proceedings as a Poisoned Chalice on me as you know.

I have also not received the separate letter from KMPT PALS or Britton House fixing the 6th March 10.45 appointment with a 'doctor' (Consultant Psychiatrist I was initially told over the telephone from the Community Mental Health Team at Britton House.

Still I plod on: and get your listening ear which I am grateful for. You ask about my wife's condition and how her back problem makes me feel and how our relationship has changed because of it. To answer your question it has been a role-reversal for us for she was my carer for the 24 years since I slipped into mental disorder of paranoid schizophrenia, persistent delusional disorder, depression and mood instability to my congenital autism that all goes to give me some strange kind of Personality Disorder of the mind. Now I am my wife's carer in the role-reversal, for the family is our ashrama and we have our dharma to care for each other as well as our daughter as a fact that is of paramount importance. It is this that brings a householder close to God in Self-Realisation. So we are still close together.

Hope you will continue to support me through these times of troubled waters in family life in this country of the United Kingdom for we cannot go anywhere else not even on holidays such is our situation.


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On Saturday, 21 January 2023 at 11:40:23 GMT, <> wrote:

Hi Shantanu,

This does sound like an interesting and complicated day, receiving so many different communications. From what I understand, you are uncertain of what will happen next regarding the hearing and other legal matters. How do you feel you're coping with this situation?

It sounds like your wife's back condition is affecting her a great deal right now, and that you are doing a lot to support her. In previous emails you talked about your wife no longer being able to be your carer because of her back disorder. How has this experience affected your relationship with your wife?



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