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Rejection of Job Application

Rejection of Job Application




Shantanu Panigrahi <>


People Relations UK BP

Cc:, Enquiries Medway County Court, Human Resources (Sainsburys),,, Force Control Kent Police,



Sun, 4 Dec at 10:06



Dear Sirs

I am disappointed at the continuing reluctance of BP to hire me for my special area of expertise, namely working in customer service at a petrol-station and Convenience stores and would like feedback as why this is so. Please note that I have not had any criminal convictions as all the elements of malicious communications that bp has received from apparently myself were from trolls who have been harassing me for the past five years ever since I took out a case against Kent Police in the High Court followed by an injunction to stop it terrorising, victimising and persecuting me for initially having taken out proceedings against the University of Greenwich who deprived me of my £55,000 severance pay from 1998. The case is continuing as you will note from the attached: ToKentPoliceandotherStateauithorites(Clusterbombing)2Dec2022.doc. I have titled in the document Cluster bombing to denote the fact that all the recipients were part of the State conspiracy against me for fighting for a decent life in the United Kingdom, for this is not tolerated in the Police State of the United Kingdom. My Hindu religion makes it difficult to not bend against truth but it is not impossible in the face of the fact that I need to earn a living when the litigation has failed to evoke a response from the State authorities such that we Hindus practicing our religion are second class citizens, because we have difficulty in acceding to the State's requirements that we subject ourselves to the Dictatorial Monarchy under which we live.

When you received a criminal anonymous email a few months ago threatening to bomb your petrol station you had reported it to Kent Police whereupon PC Evans was appointed to access the intervention of the Community Mental Health Team and further developments took place as a result of that. I repeat I had no part to play in that email and would request you to contact Kent Police to have the document reassessed by Kent Police so that the real perpetrators of the terrorism mounted on you and me by extension are investigated by Kent Police as soon as possible.

Having clarified my position I wish to know what the future holds for me in this country that I have made my home in and which I shall never leave for greener pastures at the age of nearly 66.

You still have another job application of mine at BP and I would ask you kindly examine the facts favourably so that I and my family can play a constructive role in the society with changes to my constitution and outlook on life.

I remain a loyal employee of British businesses who employ me and I shall always be loyal to the State of the United Kingdom till the day I die. As such I am copying this email to Tesco, Sainsburys and ASDA that have job applications from me pending consideration.

I am also copying this email to my GP Surgery, KMPT PALS and the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman because I am not and I repeat not, mentally ill but consider myself to be the sanest person in the world and the sanest who has ever walk on the face of this Earth. My intentions to improve lives and improve the Constitution of the country that I live in under my party, the Liberal Democrats have been misunderstood by the authorities, so that I had to set up my society:

Hope to receive your response to this email.

Yours sincerely

Dr Shantanu Panigrahi

3 Hoath Lane


Kent ME8 0SL

United Kingdom

Tel: 07967789619


ToKentPolice&otherStateAuthorities(Clusterbombing)2Dec2022.docx 26.7kB:

Download DOCX • 27KB

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