Running Commentary on Claim J00ME572: 13.35 pm (UK-Time) 22 June 2022

Updated: Jun 24

Progress in Pre-Action Protocol: Claim J00ME372 (Medway County Court)




Shantanu Panigrahi <>


Orla Scanlan,

Cc:, Enquiries Medway County Court,

Wed, 22 Jun at 08:35



1. I have not received any communication from the High Court or from BLM Law to the Pre-Action Protocol that BLM Law initiated as attached:

2022.06.07 Dr Panigrahi Letter out (1).pdf

2022.06.01 Dr Panigrahi Letter out/.pdf


2. This concerns the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom as he is solely in charge in terms of supervising the affairs of the State and is the only person who decides on the Ministerial Code. Last night I sent the attached email to Right Honourable Mr Boris Johnson, which you will find self-explanatory in relation to MoneyClaims application n1-eng KentPoliceUpdateJune2022.pdf attached:

Fuelling the War in Ukraine: DEMAND FOR IMMEDIATE CEASEFIRE | The Conservative Lib (

3. In this regard, please refer to item (m) of the Claim Form because of the silence.

4. What is your reply to the suggestion that I have consistently made that I have been the victim of a national and international conspiracy to discredit me and damage my good name and reputation?

Yours sincerely

Dr Shantanu Panigrahi

3 Hoath Lane





Tel: 07967789619

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2022.06.01 Dr Panigrahi letter out.pdf 147.6kB

2022.06.07 Dr Panigrahi letter out (1).pdf 173.4kB

ToComlyBLMccMedCtyCrtSolRegAuth(The Master Escapologist Dancing with Wolves)8Jun2022 .docx 20.1kB

n1-eng KentPolice UpdateJune2022.pdf 208.7kB:

2022.06.01 Dr Panigrahi letter out
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2022.06.07 Dr Panigrahi letter out (1)
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ToComlyBLMccMedCtyCrtSolRegAuth(The Master Escapologist Dancing with Wolves)8Jun2022
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n1-eng KentPolice UpdateJune2022
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