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Running Commentary on Legal Proceedings

Updated: Mar 2, 2023

later today, several annoying emails came and two Spam posting notifications that I deleted out of sight to clear the yahoo and gmail inboxes. They then stopped coming because even the criminal anonymous email of 9.55 am containing obnoxious comments to Liz Sandford had been copied to the Central London Count Court Judiciary. That is where the action clearly lies now and it has to remain there for our safety. The Circuit Judge has to determine if the phone call I received from the Community Mental Health Team yesterday at 3.40 pm was designed to consign me into a mental hospital and if I am mentally sick with all those symptoms of mental illess that I have specified in my email of the morning to the Circuit Judge or whether indeed according to the Circuit Judge the action is now at Kent Police or thee Britton House. So I am done and cannot engage in Social Media Journalism until I have something in writing from the Court of Central London. That it has the Lightman Order that was sent to the Court with the skeleton argument update on proceedings is what the Circuit Judge has to decide especially in relation to the severance pay of £55,000 from the University of Greenwich and the £1470 refund that I paid under duress to the Cabinet Office in my case against the Prime Minister Theresa May, or Boris Johnson, or Liz Truss of Rishi Sunak now. I sent the DIZUM email that the Court should consider using my native language and culture of a Hindu brought up in Uttar Pradesh, in other words like gaand mein danda and behenchods: what is wrong with that when one is being harassed and persecuted even after the warning delivered to Liz Sandford of ALDL. Let us have a Hearing or a Judgment summarily therefore on E35YM660 now (hand written note at 3.07 pm).

I have effectively asked for the Circuit Judge permission to under take Social Media Journalism so cannot write a word now on the internet until proceedings are endorsed in the Central London County Court. That is the only way I can be free from the shitbags of Kent Police and the pigshit bags of Britton House. (3.14 pm)

The beauty of my email to the Circuit Judge is that I am also covered in having written that this Phone Call of 3.40 pm yesterday is very important safeguard for me in the event that if a note comes from the Court or from Kent Police I can use it as confirmation of paranoid schizophrenia, persistent delusions, mood instability and anxieties and a personality disorder that is incurable. (3.29 pm).

A March edition of Partners First email came at 15.35 pm: I am ignoring it, that is not even opening the email. Something has to come from the Court or the Police or Britton House before I do anything (3.41 pm)

At 16.51 pm, I opened the Wix email and deleted it promptly. My Mobile phone rang at 16.52 pm from a Spam caller 03300881061) that I ignored. (17.03 pm)

Varsha Bookkeeping Accounting email came to target The Conservative Libertarian Publications Limited and I deleted it swiftly. Then a LinkedIn email came that I deleted. Another LinkedIn email came: deleted. I cannot do Social Media or update the latest book in internet archive, Wix Global Foundation or allurement shop and must stay perfectly still until the Court of Central London sends me an email or Kent Police does. Jill Jesson is my psychotherapist when the matter comes up for a Hearing for I have published Kent Police as shitbags and Britton House as pigshitbags. I want legal proceedings and will never go to Britton House nor telephone Britton House. I will not answer the telephone from Long Catlis Road Surgery either. I will ignore and file all letters and emails received from Britton House or Kent Police. It has to be a Court that sends me a letter in the post to activate proceedings. (8.00 pm)

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