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Running Commentary on Legal Proceedings: 19.20 am (UK-Time) 7 October 2022


from: Shantanu Panigrahi <>

to: Adobe Creative Cloud <>

date: 7 Oct 2022, 19:04

subject: Re: Your service will end on 07-October-2022 (PT)


Dear Sirs

I had asked for a full refund of all the monies taken out by Adobe from our Barclays Bank Account since I took the Free Trial Offer but did not extend it as it was useless for me. This matter is subject of a Fraud investigation by Barclays Bank as shown here of notes made in my Diaries, the Fraud having been reported to Kent Police who said that the replacement debit card that the Bank sent to me six weeks ago was only trying to protect me from Scams, which is not the Case. It was deliberate terrorism mounted on me as part of the Hate Crime in Conspiracy between mainly the United Kingdom and the United States of America perpetrated through agents like the Federal Bureau of investigation and a multitude of other firms and business institutions::

Text received from Barclays Bank

The equivalent of £60.40 at DNH*DOMAIN HOSTING SRV was DECLINED, the equivalent of £53.70 at EIG*, the equivalent of £14.10 at HOVER, If you made all the payments above please reply Y, if there are any that you didn’t make please reply N. The letter D after any of your payments means it’s been declined. Yours Barclays Team.

Wrote back ‘N’

Barclays reply:

Thanks for responding N. To protect you we’ve blocked your Device and will call you shortly. If you can’t receive calls, please contact us using the customer service number.


We’ve temporarily stopped your debit card to help protect you against fraud. Please call us and say ‘ Card blocked’ as the reason for calling so we can help.

Voicemail message received at 10.39 on 5th Oct, Duration 53 sec. Click or call 22205 to hear this message at your normal call rate.

I listened to the message and it wished me to dial 03330456003 to speak to the Barclays Fraud Department. I called and spoke to an official for nearly 25 minutes during which he asked me the same questions again and I said No I had not authorised those payments. I also told him about an Adobe transaction that I have written to Adobe about for £19.97. He asked the usual questions of whether I had given my debit card to anyone else to which I said No. I told him a few days ago I had an email from Amazon requiring me to update my debit card details on their system and perhaps that was a Fraud or Scam. He asked me for my email address: which I gave as He asked if I have reported it to anyone. I said I reported two such cases to Action Fraud recently. He said, my card is now blocked. I asked if a replacement card would be sent to me. He asked me for some recent transactions on my Current Account. I gave them for August but this was not good enough for him. He wanted very recent ones and said that until I provided them the present card would remain blocked and a replacement card would not be sent. I said How can I give the recent transactions when I cannot log into the Online Banking now that Barclays had blocked my present Card. Also I said when I checked this morning there were no transactions showing that any of the referred to payments showed as declined. The conversation got heated and I said I will take legal action if I do not receive a replacement Card. I asked him to send me an email so that I can reply to it with more details of the transactions. He refused to send me an email. He said ‘You have reported a Fraud. I said No I did not report a Fraud. The call ended.

I then dialled the Barclays Main Number on 0345 7 345 345 but there was a long waiting queue to speak to an official, so I terminated the call. I then tried to log in to the Online Banking System and could not access the Account despite several attempts. To find out whether the Card was actually blocked by Barclays, I went to shop at Tesco for some household items but the Barclays Debit Card was declined on contactless payment and pin. I used my Barclaycard to pay for the goods on contactless.

At 11.10 am a text message came from Barclays Bank: ‘Hi, we’ve cancelled your debit card and sent you a replacement if you have asked for one. If you didn’t ask us to do this, please let us know straight away.

Legal action is in progress in which Santander Bank will also be required to furnish the details of the embezzlement of funds from my Current Account over the past three years, as linked here: RE: PROGRESS IN CLAIM J00ME572: HEARING OF 27 OCTOBER 2022, 10 AM (

Yours sincerely

Dr Shantanu Panigrahi

3 Hoath Lane





Tel: 07967789619:

On Fri, 7 Oct 2022 at 17:35, Adobe Creative Cloud <> wrote:

Adobe Creative Cloud Adobe

Cancellation confirmation

We've processed your cancellation request. Your service will end on 07-October-2022 (PT).

After that, your account will revert to a basic, free level of membership. Free memberships retain limited access to Creative Cloud services and 2GB of complimentary online storage. (You may need to delete files to meet your new storage limitations.)

Keep exploring Creative Cloud, and we wish you well in your future endeavors.

Cancelled membership


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to me

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